Shinya is and adventure RPG taking place in fictional medieval world and featuring teenage girl as the main heroine. It is currently in development by my single-man game studio.


The story of Shinya takes place in fictional town Spielburg and its environs in continental Western Europe during late Middle Ages. The protagonist is 12 years old girl called Sara, who lost both her parents at very early age and has been brought up by a distant relative. When coming back to her hometown (aunt plans to get her married to “get rid” of her) she gradually starts to feel, that something sinister is happening behind the scenes at the otherwise tranquil town. For some reason or another (she is very young at not perfectly reasonable always) she starts to investigate it – and will be involved in complex and dangerous plots…

The main heroine Sara

The game has freely navigable world of about 4km in both directions with many buildings, NPC characters, enemies and so on. Story progresses through sub-quests and interactions. There is continous day-night cycle – some quests can only be completed at certain time. But you have to sleep regularly – even stamina potions can not keep you active indefinitely. The actual name of the game is 深夜. “Late at night” in Japanese and something similar in Chinese.


The prehistory of Shinya can be traced back to Floyd – an experimental 3D engine I wrote in 90s as a side project to Sodipodi. Since then the engine has seen three major rewrites and eventually became called Sehle. It was developed in parallel with Khayyam (a posing and scene building program). Writing computer games has been my interest for long time – but the real life has always made its corrections to all plans. Until about a few year ago, when I felt confident enough to start with Shinya (then code-named Aosora) in full throttle. On the one hand Sehle was becoming stable and powerful enough to actually drive real game, on the other hand I tried and was able to model some OK-looking models in Blender. Currently Shinya is almost 100% written and modeled by me – except some textures and background music. Shinya is inspired by many great games I have played through years, most importantly Quest for Glory 1 & 5. These games had really wonderful (although different) feel and I very much hope that I will be able to express something similar in Shinya. Other games that have strongly influenced my views about game design are Warlords 1, Final Fantasy VII and Des Blood 4.

Supporting development

In my estimation the game needs at least one more year full-time work. Unfortunately I cannot work on it full-time and thus two years is more probable time. If you same extra Euros or bitcoins to spare, donations are very helpful and welcome. It will allow me to schedule some more time from my real-life duties to Shinya development and/or buy some content from artists.